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  • The Nutritionist Says... My Halal Kitchen

    Yvonne Maffei

    Yvonne is dedicated to food writing and teaching the culinary arts within a halal context. She believes in food freedom and fair and equal access to healthy food for everyone.

    My Halal Kitchen

    Hello Halal!

    Asalaamu’laikum (peace) and welcome to MyHalal Kitchen, a site that features quick, straightforward and easy-to-make recipes and suggestions to fit a halal lifestyle.

    For those of you that are new to Halal, let me introduce you.

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  • The Nutritionist Says... Jill Weisenberger

    Jill Weisenberger, MS, RDN, CDE, FAND,

    Nutrition, Culinary & Diabetes Expert, Freelance Writer, Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator

    Jill Weisenberger

    I’m Jill Weisenberger , a registered dietitian nutritionist and a certified diabetes educator with expertise in food science. Bottom line, I’m someone who understands how to help make good-for-you foods taste good.

    I take a no nonsense approach to healthy eating, and focus on building exciting meal plans, that are not boring or Ho-Hum.

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  • The Nutritionist Says... Malena Perdomo

    Malena Perdomo, MS, R.D., CDE

    The Latin Voice of Nutrition, Malena, is a registered dietitian and a Certified Diabetes Educator

    Malena Perdomo

    Hola and welcome to my kitchen!

    I'm Melena Perdomo, a mom and master educator.

    In my professional life, I'm a TV host of the LiveWell Colorado campaign and Spanish TV health show called Los Secretos de Maya. But I'm also a teacher, who loves my certified diabetes educator role and the ability it gives me to help other families get on the road to better health.

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  • The Nutritionist Says... Roniece Weaver

    Roniece Weaver

    Roniece is a founding partner and Executive Director of Hebni Nutrition Consultants Inc. the developer of the original Soul Food Pyramid- a culturally sensitive food guide.

    Soul food pyramid

    Sunday Kind of Soul

    Food memories can be the sweetest of all, taking you back to childhood with each fabulous forkful.

    All it takes is a taste of Mama's fried chicken or sweet potato pie and soon you'll be transported back in time to Sunday dinners around the kitchen table. Or take a bite of Hoppin' John, a spicy dish of rice and black-eyed peas, and you'll remember New Years' celebrations from years ago.

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  • The Nutritionist Says... Tracye McQuirter

    Tracye McQuirter

    Tracye is a vegan trailblazer, award-winning public health nutritionist, author, lecturer, and 30-year vegan.

    Tracye McQuirter

    Fiber: Is It Missing in Your Diet?

    Most of us, including vegans, get plenty of protein in our daily diets, according to a report issued by NutritionFacts.org.

    The study, recognized as the largest of its kind, examined the nutrient intake of both vegans and people who eat meat- and dairy-based diets.

    It debunked the common misperception that vegans diets are "protein-poor," revealing that, on average, vegans, just like their omnivore counterparts, consume 30 percent more protein than the recommended daily allowance.

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Dining Out
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Do's & Don'ts

When eating out, make better choices

How often do you eat out? Once a day? Once a week? Rarely? Almost every meal? People who eat out more often, particularly at fast food restaurants, are more likely to be overweight or obese. However, you can still manage your body weight when eating out by making better choices.

How Restaurants Sabotage Your Diet With Healthy Foods

Want to cut the calories in that tempting piece of chocolate cake? It’s easy… just spoon some fresh fruit on top of it! Of course, the real calorie total increases, but new research shows adding a healthy topping to a food item fools us into estimating a lower calorie count for the combination.

Drive Thru Dilemmas

Eating in the Fast-Food Lane

Does your family eat fast food at least once a week?