The Facts About Bullying

Sticks and stones can break your bones...and words can really hurt you, according to experts who warn that intense bullying can result in long-term, negative consequences.

Almost every child experiences pain as the result of harsh words or malicious deeds. When such acts become repetitive or represent a conscious intent to cause harm or inflict pain, they are recognized as bullying.

There are different types of bullying behaviors. Among the most common:

Verbal abuse/bullying is often characterized by threats and name calling. Bullies frequently focus on weight and physical challenges, particularly if children seem overly-sensitive to such focus.

When a bullied child is the source of rumors or is excluded from activities, he is experiencing psychological bullying.

Physical bullying involves hitting, running a bicycle off the road or taking a child's possessions away.

The newest and fastest growing form of bullying is cyberbullying , which involves the use of cell phones, computers, and tablets to embarrass others.

If you're concerned that your child is a victim of teasing or bullying, look for these signs of stress:

Warning Signs If you're concerned that your child is a victim of teasing or bullying, look for these signs of stress:

  • Passive behavior or withdrawal
  • Unexplained bruises or other physical complaints
  • Sudden drop in grades or inability to complete routine assignments
  • Avoiding activities
  • Refusing to go to school
  • Harassing messages on their smart phone or tablet
  • Sudden behavior changes or mood swings

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Bully-Proof Your Child

Contributed by Aha Parenting's Dr. Laura Markham

Bullying begins in preschool and gains momentum as kids grow. Depending on which survey you read, between 40 and 80 percent of middle schoolers admit to bullying behavior. Not only is Bullying pervasive, it has become increasingly dangerous, so that children are committing suicide or being beaten to death by their bulliers.

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Empowering Students to Make Positive Change

Kids make choices, both good and bad. Champion of Choices, Inc. was founded to help empower youth to make the best choices in challenging circumstances, while giving them tools to initiate personal and social change to make a difference in themselves and their communities.

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