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What to Do If Your Kid is Being Bullied

Pritchard, is a regular contributor to Kids in the House, Kids in the House, an educational website about parenting. The organization strives to help parents and caregivers become better at parenting by inspiring, educating and entertaining. The Kids in the House site features more than 8,000 videos its website, with feature interviews with the top experts in parenting, including physicians, psychologists, researchers, educators and best-selling authors, as well as leaders of national organizations. We love the site's videos featuring parents who have dealt with particular issues and can share their hard-earned wisdom.

Editor's Note: This video is reposted with the express permission of Kids in the House.

About Michael Pritchard: Pritchard, is a nationally acclaimed keynote speaker praised by the Wall Street Journal, CNN and Time for his ability to use humor to inspire and educate his audiences on communication skills.
His seven educational series for PBS and distribution has been seen by millions and focuses on youth guidance in the areas of violence prevention. “The Power of Choice” “You can Choose”, “Big Changes, Big Choices”.
He founded Heartland Media, to produce educational programs like “Red Ribbon Week” and “PeaceTalks” teaching students to make positive choices.“SOS: Saving Our Schools from Hate and Violence”, featured in both Time magazine and on CNN, filmed after the tragic Columbine disaster. His new series: “Lifesteps” builds the social and emotional intelligence in youth and has already received the Parents Choice Award.
As an extension of Heartland Media, he established Heartland Media Foundation building character and emotional intelligence, violence revention, inciting motivation and leadership in both youth and adults to improve schools and communities. The foundation provides youth guidance programs, including video, print curriculum, and live presentations by Michael Pritchard to aid in schools and communities where the funding is limited.

So if your child cannot put him or herself in others' shoes, shows a lack of respect, or is prone to anger or aggression, Loudon said you should talk to someone. "They can call me. They can call a school counselor. They can talk to an outside practitioner."

Source: www.crisistextline.org

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