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Does your family eat fast food at least once a week? About a one-third of all consumers do and that's OK sometimes, but many fast foods deliver a lot of calories and fat and come up short on vitamins, minerals and fiber. The next time you head for the fast-food lane, try one of these seven easy ways to eat smarter.

  1. Downsize. For fewer calories and perhaps less fat, sugar or sodium, order regular, not supersize, portions.
  2. Color your sandwich! Add tomato, lettuce and peppers to your burgers, subs and deli sandwiches.
  3. Mind your buns. Order your sandwich with whole-wheat bread or buns if you can.
  4. Trim the trimmings. Go easy on creamy spreads, such as mayo, tartar sauce and special sauce. Go for ketchup, mustard or barbecue sauce instead.
  5. Stay "side" wise. Split a small order of fries or onion rings. Order a salad (light on dressing) instead; go for slaw or fruit.
  6. Sip smart. Pick your beverage for better nutrition — milk for a calcium boost or juice instead of soda.
  7. Look for options. Try wraps or stir-fry bowls instead.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally posted by EatRight.org and is reposted with the permission.

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