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Health Coach Bess Blanco shares how to talk with your teen or tween about weight issues and good health. This video is reposted with permission, To learn more about Blanco’s easy, affordable ways to get healthy in their kitchens and lives, visit; www.theintentionallifestyle.com

Role Rules

Our children learn from us. We need to model the behaviors we want them to perform. That’s why it’s important that we really look at our own behaviors. Are we operating under the rule, “Do as I say, not as I do” more than we would like to admit? Take action alongside your child or as a whole family. Encourage your child to explore a wide variety of physical activities to determine what they like and then encourage them to participate in some of those with you regularly. Find JOY in being active together!

  • If your child spends more than one or two hours a day in front of a device with a screen (TV, mobile phone, computer, video games, etc.):
    • Cut your child’s screen time down by half.
    • Practice safe balances during TV commercials.Ask your child to put down the device, and start a jumping jack routine or a hide & seek contest with you
  • If your child does not get 60 minutes of activity in a day, try:
    • Taking a family walk after dinner
    • Parking in the back of the lot when doing errands
    • Challenging the family to a dance contest
  • If your child falls into the category with 90 percent of children ages 6 to 11 in the U.S. today who consume at least two or more sugary drinks (soda, juice, sports drinks, etc.) daily, then:
    • Cut their consumption in half by replacing one drink a day with water.
    • Keep a pitcher of water with fresh lemons, limes, or orange slices in the refrigerator to make the switch more appealing.
    • Invite your child to create their own smoothie out of fresh or frozen fruits and water with your assistance if needed.
  • If your family is not getting in the recommended requirement of fruit and vegetable servings daily, take action! Even the smallest steps add up, contributing big benefits to family nutrition.
    • Squeeze in at least 1 more veggie & fruit serving to the family table daily.
    • Be adventurous; introduce to your family a new and different fruit or vegetable like an artichoke or a star fruit.
    • Pack your own nutritious snacks, drinks, and meals for family outings which include veggies & fruits rather than stopping at a fast food restaurant or a convenience store.

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