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It's never too early (or too late) to talk to your kids about important issues that impact their health. Although it's better to start health conversations as early as possible, having "the conversation" with your child at any point in their development is better than saying nothing at all- particularly, if that conversation is about your child's weight.

Whether your pediatrician told you that your child is at risk for weight-related disease(s), or you recognized early signs yourself, it's important that you recognize the need to address immediate health issues now.

Taking action now typically helps to lessen problems ahead.

Talking to your child about better eating and activity levels is your best first step toward his healthier future. Just as your child isn’t alone in needing help to live a healthier lifestyle, neither are you. There are many parents out there just like you, struggling to find the right path to lead their children.

Since we all know that old habits are hard to change, we’ve put together some tips and solutions that have worked for other families. We think they might work for you too.

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