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Am I a Food Addict?

Dear Abs:

I've got a lot on my plate, and I mean food. I always ask for seconds on potatoes, meat and even dessert. Then, if I’m upset about something, I’ll eat again. I’ve noticed my overeating, but this just gets me more frustrated, which is when I reach for a donut. Is it possible that I am a food addict?

-Fed Up, 15

Abs Says...

Dear Fed Up,

I donut know (ugh!), Fed Up. We've all been there, finishing a whole bag of chips out of boredom or downing cookie after cookie while cramming for a big test. But when done a lot — especially without realizing it — emotional eating can affect weight, health, and overall well-being.

We all have cravings, but if you find yourself consistently using food as a way to deal with feelings instead of a means to satisfy hunger, you likely are an emotional eater.

Not many of us make the connection between eating and our feelings. But understanding what drives emotional eating can help people take steps to change it. Visit our Control Food resource area to learn more.

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