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Afraid to Exercise

Dear Abs:

I’m afraid of people looking at me when I'm exercising. When I run, I know that my butt wobbles and that my belly shows because my wet and sweaty shirt sticks to it. Do you have any advice for me?

Curvy Girl, 14


Abs Says...

Dear Curvy Girl,

Sure, stop worrying! You should be more afraid of people looking at you if you DON’T exercise. Why not think of yourself as a beacon of stick-to-itiveness, inspiring those of us who don’t regularly exercise. Whenever I drive on a city street or country road and see a person jogging, I’ll notice their body—big, small, wobbly, toned or buff. But I always think—hey, good for him, good for her. She’s doing what we all should be doing. When I see larger people jog, I’m especially inspired because I know they are at the beginning of their journey. I think others think this way, too.

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