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You are Being Bullied

If you are being bullied, it's important to stand-up to bullying behavior. Here's how:

Rule 1: Show Strength

Showing strength does not mean you have to flex your muscles or physically challenge a bully. When confronting a bully show your inner strength by speaking in a confident, even voice. Stand at an appropriate distance - don't get in the bully's face, but don't stand back so far that it appears like your shrinking back either. Show strength by looking the bully directly in the eye.

Rule 2: Tell a Trustworthy Adult

Bullies want to make their victim(s) feel alone and powerless. Take away their power by telling an adult about what's going on and get help, even if it feels uncomfortable.

Rule 3: Assert Yourself

Stand your ground, but resist making put-downs that escalate bullying behavior. Bullies often back down when they hear strong, assertive phrases like:

  • "Not cool!"
  • "Cut it out."

Walk away once you've stood your ground. Staying in the area will invite more unwanted activity.

Rule 4: Now!

Ignoring a bully will not make them go away. Bullies often test their victim to see how he responds to more mild forms of bullying like teasing or minor physical aggression. No or weak response to such actions, often escalates bullying behavior.

Source: Signe Whitson, LSW is a school counselor and national educator on bullying prevention.

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