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How I STOPPED Binge Eating

Cambria, like thousands of teens struggles with an eating disorder. Her inspiring video series provides a glimpse inside a world that few too of us see and too many of us ignore. Her hope is that her story may change your life. Her message:

“Don’t give up. Fight until you are free. Know this I love + God loves you,”

Cambria encourages others to share her videos on Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook + and any other social media.

Her advice to teens facing eating disorders:

  1. Do not distract: it will only make the urges stronger
  2. Detach emotionally from your urges
  3. Do not analyze or try to figure out what "triggered" you to binge
  4. Most Important: when the urge to binge comes, view it as neurological "junk" that your brain is firing off. Know that you can do nothing to stop it. Hear what your subcortex is 'saying' but do not act. Allow the thoughts to come- do not reason, rationalize, or distract: Listen, but do not act.

Editor’s Note: This video is reposted with permission.

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